● Ventilation accounts for 40 to 50% of a mine’s total energy consumption.
● Fan energy consumption can account for up to 50% of the mine’s electricity costs.
● Use of VFD technology can substantially decrease fan energy usage and operational costs.
● Retrofitting inefficient main fan assemblages will result in substantial fan operating cost savings.
● A properly designed fan cone can save substantial operating costs.
● Application of Ventilation on Demand may result in reduced energy usage by 20 to 40%.
● By reducing air leakage by 10% one can reduce the system overall operating cost by 30%.
● Proper duct installation can reduce auxiliary fan operating costs by 20% or more.
● Vibration is the primary cause of fan / bearing failure. Proper fan alignment and balancing will greatly reduce maintenance costs.

AirFinders can perform a ventilation efficiency audit, optimize your ventilation system, minimize energy usage and lower system operational costs.