A Training Course for Mine Ventilation Technologists



The purpose of the course is to provide the mine operator with the basic tools for the day-to-day checks and operation of a mine ventilation system.

Who Should Attend?

The course is specifically designed for ventilation technologists and mine operators who are involved with the day-to-day operation of mine ventilation systems.


The effective management of mine air plays an important role in mine productivity, profit and safely. Unfortunately, mine technologists often come to their jobs with little training or preparation in monitoring, operating and managing a ventilation system. The purpose of the course is to provide the technologist with the basic tools for conducting day-to-day safety inspections, airflow surveys, fan surveys, gas monitoring, and for effectively operating a mine ventilation system.

This unique training program, specifically designed for technologists, offers the following features:

  • this intensive ventilation course is held at a mine site and comprises classroom lectures together with field work.
  • the course is of an applied nature and deals with such aspects as day to day airflow measurements, fan surveys, duct ventilation checks, gas monitoring, ventilation inspections, and data management and reporting.
  • the level of the training has been specifically designed for mine technologists and operators.
  • the course is normally planned for 2 days, but may be extended depending on the number of required technical areas of training.
  • to maximize efficiency and minimize costs a number of local mines have participated in a single course offered at a mine camp.

During the course, the participants will have an opportunity to develop skills which will assist them in conducting all basic aspects associated with the monitoring, operation and management of a mine ventilation system.


This intensive course is designed to provide comprehensive training on mine ventilation surveys. The course is designed to familiarize the participant with standard techniques utilized in air quantity and quality monitoring and control. For each topic, case examples are provided to demonstrate examples of good practice.

The program is carefully designed to introduce ventilation concepts, criteria and regulations in day-to-day ventilation practice to allow participants to conduct underground inspections, locate any problems in the system, understand the causes of each problem, and efficiently report and correct these problems.


The course is generally designed to suit the participating company’s needs. A list of standard topics can be found below.

  • underground safety inspections;
  • airflow surveys and flow balancing;
  • fan surveys;
  • surveys of auxiliary ventilation systems;
  • mine gas measurements;
  • mine dust monitoring;
  • mine ventilation controls (doors, bulkheads and regulators);
  • survey data analysis and reporting;
  • ventilation management and action plans.

The course is specifically designed for technologists. To facilitate the transfer of information, each topic is generally discussed using detailed examples based on previous experience. In the underground demonstrations, each technician is expected to conduct a survey and analyse and report the collected survey data.

Course Fee

If you are interested in having a ventilation training course held at your mine site and would like to receive a detailed quotation, please contact AirFinders.


The course is normally limited to 10 participants, depending on the number of company sponsors. This maximizes one-to-one interactions and facilitates the field demonstrations and field data assessment.


The agenda depends on the course length. Courses are normally scheduled for 2 days. Classes normally follow the company’s shift period with breaks for lunch and refreshments. One half-day session is used for field demonstrations and one half-day session is dedicated to assessing the field survey data.