AirFinders Inc. has been involved in a diversity of mine ventilation projects and has been deeply involved in the expansion programs currently being undertaken by hard rock mines in Canada and by several operating potash mines in Saskatchewan. We have extensive experience in projects which pose unique challenges, including cold regions, uranium mines and nuclear waste repositories.

We provide regular annual on-site assessments for a number of operating mines, aimed at addressing system upgrade opportunities and at securing continuous improvement in ventilation performance.

AirFinders works with one of the most experienced and trusted ventilation specialists in the industry with wide-ranging operational and technical expertise across different sectors of mining. His qualifications ensure that AirFinders advice is always proven, up-to-date and relevant to the user.

What We Do

We just don’t do deals, we do exceptional services and build unique relationships.

AirFinders – A Global Service Provider

With successful ventilation work completed in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia, we provide diverse and conformable ventilation services to the international mining community and support each specific mining operation with tailored and robust engineering programs.

Flexibility and Savings Initiatives

AirFinders has been involved in a series of cost savings initiatives for a number of companies. AirFinders can deliver a most energy efficient and economic ventilation system design. AirFinders has been working with many mines, to maximize the efficiency of their ventilation systems and minimize ventilation operating costs. For new projects, AirFinders can design energy efficient systems which would promise the economic viability of a ventilation project.

Engineering Advisory Services

AirFinders has produced over 365 technical reports associated with high level engineering audit and design projects, strictly following compliance with published industry standards.

Below is a list of advisory services offered by AirFinders:

  • ventilation efficiency audits
  • fan performance testing and analysis
  • ventilation surveys
  • airflow analysis
  • shaft flow analysis
  • solving critical ventilation problems
  • system de-bottle necking
  • reconciliation of ventilation and production planning
  • mine ventilation system optimization
  • engineering evaluation of ventilation design alternatives
  • ventilation management program implementation
  • energy management
  • mine environment and air quality control
  • ventilation upgrade design for operating mines
  • ventilation system design for new mines, from feasibility to construction
  • design and sizing of ventilation raises
  • design of surface intake and exhaust fan installations
  • booster fan selection and design
  • ventilation design for new orebodies at depth
  • auxiliary ventilation sizing and design
  • network modeling

Yes, We can Develop a Safer and Better Ventilation System with Lower Operating Cost!

If you have any questions, require any additional information about our services or would like to request a copy of our engineering qualifications, please contact AirFinders.