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Quantifying assemblage losses in auxiliary ventilation systems

Procedures for Mitigating Safety Risks Associated with Post-Blast Re-Entry Times

Ventilation Mistakes and Consequences – Real Life Experiences

A Pragmatic Methodology for Mine Ventilation Planning

Underground Booster Fan Placement Strategies

Airflow Requirements for Modern Diesel and Electric Equipment

Life of Mine Ventilation Planning at Diavik

Commissioning a Ventilation Expansion in a Saskatchewan Potash Mine

Implementation of a Heat Management Control System

The Economic Potential of Electric Mining Equipment

The Mystery of the Ventilation Raises

Application of a Ventilation Management Program for Improved Air Quality

Reconciliation of Ventilation and Production Expansion in a Potash Mine

Heat Management in a Potash Mine

Economics of Diesel Fleet Replacement by Electric Mining Equipment

Considerations for the Selection of Variable Frequency Drives for Primary Fans

Arctic Mine Air Heating

Cost Saving Strategies in Mine Ventilation

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Mine Fan Assemblages

Parallel Surface Fan Operation at Hoyle Pond Mine

Positive Pressure Ventilation System Conversion at Diavik Diamond Mine

Establishing Total Airflow Requirements for Underground Metal/non-metal Mines with Tier Iv Diesel Equipment

Reconciliation of Mine Production Planning and Ventilation in an Underground Mine

Ventilation Requirements for Uranium Mines

Optimization of Complex Mine Ventilation Systems with Computer Network Modelling

The Contribution of Cemented Backfill to Heat Loads in Mines

Auxiliary Ventilation Operation Practices

Improving Mine Ventilation and Ground Support Performance with Thin Spray-on Liners

Design and Performance Verification of a Booster Fan Installation at the Red Lake Mine

Reduction in Airflow Resistance Characteristics with Thin Spray-on Liners

Winter Ventilation Scenarios at Golden Giant Mine

Ventilation Design for a New Ore Body at Depth

Conversion of a Backfill Raise to a Ventilation Exhaust Raise, A Success Story

Modelling of an Exhaust System Shared by Two Neighbouring Mines

Optimization of Main Exhaust System at Battle Mountain Gold Ltd. Golden Giant Mine

Simulation of Airflow Expansion Requirements for an Exhaust Raise Common to Two Mines

9th U.S./North American Mine Ventilation Symposium. Hardcopies of the Proceedings of the 2002 North American Mine Ventilation Symposium (out of print online) are available. Please contact us for details.